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Welcome to IndiaWarehousing.in – Products and Services Page. Here you will find all the Products and Services related to Warehouse Construction and Infrastructure, Material Handling Equipments, Packaging Material, 2PL / 3PL / 4PL Logistic Services, Insulation Material, Management and Operations.

This is your  One Stop Solution for warehousing related needs, be it Operations, Management, Construction or Services.

Any product manufacturer or service provider can register themselves with us to generate more business for as low as Rs.12,000.00 / Year

We have 3 packages to offer for your company registration.

  1. Rs. 20,000.00 / year – Product Video Link + PDF Brochure + Product Write up.
  2. Rs. 16,000.00 / Year – PDF Brochure + Product Write up.
  3. Rs. 12,000.00 / Year – Product Write up.

We also take product agency / dealership for marketing and selling  online through our portal.

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Are you a Manufacturer? Become a Registered Vendor. We also take product dealership / agency to promote and sell products online.

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